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Prof. Dr. Berit Sandberg

Prof. Dr. Berit Sandberg has a degree in business administration and has been a professor of business administration (public and nonprofit management) at the HTW- University of Applied Sciences Berlin since 2003. She has been researching at the interface of art and business for ten years and developed concepts for arts-based learning.

As a partner in the IfaF project "Arts push Business (KUK)" she did research on artist-company cooperation and arts-based intervention. Furthermore, she was involved in two erasmus + projects "Die Künstlerbrille", which explored the transfer of artistic skills into the management context and approaches of arts-based learning with different art genres. In 2019 she founded the Art Hacking® label for an arts-based innovation method.



Prof. Dr. Berit Sandberg       
HTW Berlin
FB Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissenschaften
Treskowallee 8 | 10318 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 5019–2529

Berit Sandberg
Prof. Dr. Berit Sandberg

Art Hacking®

Art Hacking® is a moderated communication and problem-solving process with an open result that picks up phases and tactics of artistic work and applies them to management tasks: from a blockade of thinking to a surprising change of perspective in five steps.